We’ll this is me.


I’m Louise, married, 5 children (2 grown up) living in rural Norfolk in the East of England.

My whole life has been spent fitting in with other people’s dreams but I’m 50 next year so, if I want to live a more fulfilled life -for me- I’d better get on with it!

I have been thinking for ages that I would like to live a lighter, more sustainable life, reducing the amount of stuff I  own and accumulate, using less of the earth’s valuable resources and attempting to become nearer to a self sufficient lifestyle.

So this blog is a record of what I’m doing to get there, what I’m learning on the way, the obstacles I meet and how/if I manage to overcome them.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Good for you…I’m Suffolk based, also rural, and also trying to live more sustainably and lightly. Not succeeding as often as I’d like, but definitely trying! Good luck on your travels…

    • I’m a Suffolk girl in exile in Norfolk. Good to meet you and thank you for your comments. I don’t manage to be as ‘green’ as I’d like either (she says as the tumble drier squeaks away in the background – small boy needing clean cricket kit in 5 minutes time – ho hum!). I
      think the main thing is to keep on trying!

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