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Day 13

OK, so day 13

4 more bottles from my overstuffed bathroom cupboards: bubble bath, body lotion, conditioner and a posh gift set which makes me itch.

A dell injet printer which has stopped working properly passed on to a handy chap called Stuart who asked for it on Freegle. He can fix it and I can’t so he will make good use of it. I had just bought new cartridges for it which is always the way so I left those in the box for him too.

I have sold 4 pairs of old wooden school chairs which my littlies had in their playroom and have now outgrown. I delivered them to their new homes today and made £40 for charity.

I gave a bottle of conditioner to my gorgeous daughter. Why I have so much conditioner when my hair is only about an inch long is beyond me…

I put a pile of old coffee cans in the recycling bin which I had been keeping because they looked like they might be useful sometime.

I gave a paperback novel which I had read to my Mum.

And I found some vintage mascara which I threw out. This has given me the idea of going through my makeup for pre 1980 stuff which I can throw away. I will do this tomorrow.

My photo today is of the playroom. The two children lurking in the gloom had better watch out or Mummy might put them in the recycling.



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DAY 12

12 more things gone:

  • Body lotion x 4
  • Bubble Bath x 2
  • Shower Gel x 2
  • Hand Cream x 1
  • Body Puff x 1
  • Conditioner x 2

All passed on to a lovely lady called Emma via our local Freegle community. Emma is on a low income with young twins and a teenage daughter who she was really pleased to be able to treat with some of my unwanted toiletries. Freegle/Freecycle is fantastic, local resource for the rehoming of anything/everything.

My photo today is my extremely cluttered desk.


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Well, my clothes clear-out was so successful I’m now on day 11 already! I’m beginning to feel kind of lighter if that makes sense. My house doesn’t look a whole lot tidier yet but I think the reduction in stuff is making me feel psychologically less overwhelmed.

My 11 things are as follows:

A whole set of Pilates DVDs. Had them for 4 years – looked at them 3 or 4 times, actually followed the exercise program for about 1/2 an hour. Fed up with feeling guilty about good intentions which come to nothing. My lovely grown up daughter has asked to have them so I’ve willingly given them to her!

ANOTHER pair of rubbish, uncomfortable socks. – recycled.

A pair of my trousers which don’t fit properly, kid’s top and jeans – outgrown, a cupcake stand (what’s wrong with a plate?), and a fruit bowl which I don’t like – all to the charity shop.

A broken flower pot, broken tupperware container and 2 chipped cups – landfill.

I have had requests for the things I put on Freegle and have also sold the children’s chairs and bike trailer. They will be going to their new homes in the next couple of days.

My photo today is of my dining room.DINING ROOM


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Day 7, 8, 9 and 10

Ok day 7, 8 9 and 10.

I’ve been ruthless today with sorting out my clothes. I am not the kind of person to spend loads of money on clothes. I don’t like clothes shopping and tend to buy things as I need them. Despite this I have accumulated a lot of things which I don’t love but don’t hate enough to get rid of. Also I’m not quite as svelte as I once was and quite a lot of my clothes are a bit on the tight side.

So I’ve gone through my wardrobe and each drawer with the mantra “If in doubt, chuck it out”. My daughters have been the lucky(?) recipients of lots of stuff – they are students so don’t have a lot to spend on clothes. I have stressed to them that, if they don’t like something I won’t be offended if it ends up in the charity shop or passed onto one of their equally penniless friends.

Because I have such a lot of unwanted clothes, I have actually got rid of 3 days worth of stuff! This is my list:

Given to my daughters:

  • Shorts x 3 – too small and not much opportunity to wear them. I now only have 3 pairs which is plenty in this climate/with my figure.
  • Corset top – will look much better on my daughter than me…
  • Jumpers x 2 – bit tight.
  • Thick tights x 1 – never worn, had them about 3 years.
  • Jeggings x 1 – too tight.
  • Cardigans x 4, wrong shape for me – cropped/short/ not flattering with baggy twin tummy.
  • vest top – too small
  • Sports bra – too small
  • Shumper – too tight
  • Cord jeans – wrong shape for me
  • Jacket – too young for me
  • Dresses x 3 – too young/small for me.
  • top which I’ve gone off.

The charity shop has been the lucky recipient of:

  • men’s shirts x 2
  • joggers x 1 – make me look chavvy
  • jumpers x 2 – itchy
  • catsuit/jumpsuit – don’t like it but too old for my daughters
  • Evening dress – not their style (or mine)
  • A pair of jeans which are too short for me and too wide for my girls.

I have recycled:

  • 2 scruffy pairs of joggers
  • 2 holey jumpers and
  • 1 pair of trainers

Total: 34 items of clothing – 7 + 8 + 9 + 10.

I’ve also put some unwanted toiletries, a typewriter, a 3 piece suite and an un-working inkjet printer on freegle and some old small school chairs, a car dog guard and a toddler bike trailer on a local ‘for sale’ site. I will add them to my list if/when they sell/get given away.

My photo today is the other end of my untidy kitchen.P1030144


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I started to reduce my wardrobe today and have given away several items of clothing I no longer need:

A jacket which makes me look fat – given to my daughter, 2 pairs of trousers which are a bit tight – also given to my daughter, 2 worn out pairs of shoes – recycled and another pair of lumpy socks – recycled.

That’s it today – more clothes to go through tomorrow.

My picture is of my kitchen. It looks OK if you don’t look too closely…




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Day 5 – 5 more things gone

Quick post, busy day…

Today I have got rid of:

1. A pair of children’s shorts – given to charity shop – unusually these still have a lot of wear left in them. Must be because we don’t get much shorts weather here in England…

2. A load of clothes pegs which are useless – they don’t grip the clothes properly on the line. I have been leaving these in the bottom of my peg basket for about 4 years and have kept them just in case I need some rubbish pegs.

3. and 4. A skirt and dress I haven’t worn for ages (too small) – given to my daughter who is slimmer than me!

5. A pair of worn out sandals – recycled. I was probably keeping these in case some magic elves came one night and fixed them for me.

My photo today is of my utility room – enjoy…


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Day 4

The 4 things I’m getting out of my life today are:

  • A mobile phone charger which no longer fits any of the phones in my house but, luckily, fits my grown up daughter’s and she has recently lost hers. Lucky, eh?
  • A bunch of scruffy, manky old pony tail bands which I would not contemplate putting in my daughter’s hair but, nevertheless, I had kept for some unfathomable reason. Landfill.
  • A broken toy which came from McDonalds and I had thought was somehow worth mending!? Landfill.
  • A pair of uncomfortable socks which I had kept in my sock drawer in case they miraculously became softer  and less lumpy overnight. These went into the fabric recycling bin at Waitrose along with the previously recycled clothes.

This is proving quite easy so far although I expect it will get more and more difficult when I have to find more and more things to get rid of. I am trying to think ahead and sort out cupboards. I’ve already started with my unused hygiene products – see my previous post. I don’t quite know what to do with the ones that have been started….

I have put some stuff on eBay, Freegle and a local sell,swap,give site. I will put them on my disposal list once they are sold or given away.

I’ve also thought about another reason for living a minimalist life:

It must be morally wrong for us to have so much stuff we don’t know what to do with it all when there are people in the world who have nothing.

I will donate the money I get from selling my unwanted stuff to a local homeless charity.

My photo today is my untidy home office. Shame on me! The red armchair is one of the things I will be giving away together with it’s identical twin and a 3 seater sofa if anyone in Norfolk, UK would like it? Also the print on the wall above the stove will be on eBay next week. It is a limited edition print no. 65/150 called ‘Market’ by Bentemarie Kjeldbaek. It has been on the wall for years despite the fact that neither my husband nor myself like it much. Certainly we do not find it “beautiful” as advised by William Morris!

Home Office


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What can I do with toiletries I’ve started?

I have 100s of bottles of shower gel, body lotion, shampoo etc. Enough to last me for the next 5 years at least. The trouble is, my skin is very sensitive and most irritates me. I am having a massive clear out and I don’t know what to do with it all.

The unopened bottles I can give to a charity shop but quite a few of them have been started.

I intend to offer them to friends and family but have too many to do this with all of them.

Has anyone any ideas? Any UK charities that could use them?

All help greatly appreciated!

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Day 3

Just a quick post for now.

My 3 things I have got rid of today are:

2 items of kid’s clothing – recycled. Most of my children’s outgrown clothes are not in a good enough state to be donated to a charity shop. Goodness knows how they manage to destroy them so effectively.

1 extremely old mobile phone. I tried to donate this online but it is so ancient I couldn’t find a charity that could use it so I have ended up sending it for recycling.

I will be adding photographs of my cluttered home, room by room to shame me into keeping going.

1st one: Entrance Hall.

It often actually looks a lot worse than this photo!entrance hall

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Day 2 of de-clutter

Today I have put two items of clothing which my children have outgrown and worn out into the bag for the clothing recycling bin at my local Waitrose. I already have more children’s clothes sorted out ready to go and will take them when I next go into town.

Living with much less stuff is one of my goals. I feel that it will simplify my life in several ways:

  • I won’t spend so long looking for things in my chaotic house.
  • Having lots of stuff does not make me happy
  • A cluttered house makes a cluttered mind.
  • It is pointless keeping things which are of no use to me but could be extremely useful to someone else.
  • Keeping things for sentimental reasons does not help me to remember the people who they came from. I can hold on to their memories without holding on to their stuff.
  • Having lots of stuff makes me appear successful but does not actually make me successful – the opposite is actually true.
  • I am not my stuff

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris


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