Day 5 – 5 more things gone

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Quick post, busy day…

Today I have got rid of:

1. A pair of children’s shorts – given to charity shop – unusually these still have a lot of wear left in them. Must be because we don’t get much shorts weather here in England…

2. A load of clothes pegs which are useless – they don’t grip the clothes properly on the line. I have been leaving these in the bottom of my peg basket for about 4 years and have kept them just in case I need some rubbish pegs.

3. and 4. A skirt and dress I haven’t worn for ages (too small) – given to my daughter who is slimmer than me!

5. A pair of worn out sandals – recycled. I was probably keeping these in case some magic elves came one night and fixed them for me.

My photo today is of my utility room – enjoy…


Author: Green Cheap and Cheerful UK

Just sharing ways I am trying to make ends meet and live more frugally. Also the need to live better with less and reduce the impact of my family on our precious natural resources.

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