DAY 16

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V quick post – just a list of the 16 things I have rehomed today!

  1. Kids sandals – worn out – recycled
  2. Kids slippers – worn out recycled
  3. Map of Dominica/St Lucia – charity shop
  4. Dog Collar(would fit a mastiff or something!) – Charity Shop
  5. Belt – charity shop
  6. Used Wine corks (100s – why?) – kindling box
  7. Keys which fit old locks – recycled
  8. 2 Necklaces I don’t like – charity shop
  9. Old TV remotes (pre 1980s!) – recycled
  10. Electricity usage metre – given to friend
  11. Beer bottle tops – binned as daughter already has (see below)
  12. More beer bottle tops – given to daughter for her collection
  13. Bath mat – charity shop
  14. broken wine bottle stopper – bin
  15. scratched dvd – bin
  16. Shoe horn (how many shoe horns does one family need?) – charity shop

Author: Green Cheap and Cheerful UK

Just sharing ways I am trying to make ends meet and live more frugally. Also the need to live better with less and reduce the impact of my family on our precious natural resources.

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