Lovely Evening in Norfolk


I have spent a lovely evening at home here in Norfolk, UK. I didn’t do anything special or different but it was an evening where I felt so happy and at ease and blessed by what I have.
The weather was nice, kind of sultry with a storm in the air as the dusk fell. The air is beginning to smell ‘harvesty’. That lovely high summer, grass mowings, cereal crops ripening, flowery sweet atmosphere.
I spent a bit of time wandering in my garden trying to photograph some bees and butterflies and just soaking up the contented feeling.
I think we should all try and stop from time to time and just take a few minutes to reflect on the good things in our life, stop worrying about the future and regretting the past and concentrate on how good right now actually is.

Author: Green Cheap and Cheerful UK

Just sharing ways I am trying to make ends meet and live more frugally. Also the need to live better with less and reduce the impact of my family on our precious natural resources.

2 thoughts on “Lovely Evening in Norfolk

  1. A lovely reminder – thank you. (I also enjoyed the juxtaposition of your mountainous banner photo, and the post title – I’m guessing the pic is not Norfolk – unless this Suffolk resident has seriously missed something!! ) 🙂

  2. No the picture certainly isn’t Norfolk – I think our ‘mountains’ are even lower than the ones in Suffolk! It was taken from our window early in the morning a couple of years ago on holiday in the Cevennes National Park in France.

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