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DAY 15

Half way there – well half way in time – day 15 of 30. But only 120 items removed from my life out of a target of 465. About 26%…

Yesterday I sorted out some old toys, games and puzzles which my children had outgrown. The ones which were still in good condition I gave to charity. I was left with a few broken toys which were not recyclable and had to go into landfill and some puzzles with missing pieces. The ones made from card were put into the recycling but I was left with a wooden jigsaw puzzle which had several missing pieces.

Today I worked out what to do with it. It was either compost or use as kindling for my wood burning stove. I have ended up putting it into the kindling box. It looks like it will do a fab job of getting the fire going next autumn. – 1 item.

I sorted out my crockery cupboard today. I have several chipped and cracked plates, bowls and cups which I always avoid when setting the table. They have been at the bottom of the piles of crockery for years and never get used. So today they have gone into the dustbin. – plates/bowls/cups 3 items.

I also have lots of children’s plates and bowls which my lot are too old for now. Most of the plastic ones have warped in the dishwasher, making them unsaleable but the ones that are still in good condition have been passed on to the charity shop. – plates/bowls thrown away – 2 items. Plates to charity shop – 1 item.

I’ve also sorted out the shoe cupboard. What I have been keeping all the worn out and outgrown shoes for I have no idea? I sent 2 pairs of crocs to my friend who has a little girl a few years younger than mine, a pair of wellies to the charity shop and 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of trainers and a pair of slippers to the recycling bin at waitrose. 8 items.

Today my photo is of the area under my stairs. This is where the sports clothing/equipment gets stored and there’s tonnes of it.