More Stuff Gone!

Yesterday my Husband finally got round to sorting out his clothes.

He has had 2 1/2 wardrobes, 9 drawers and 4 baskets full of stuff, about 70% of which he never wears. After the big clear out there is 2 wardrobes and 5 drawers in total. Also 2 of the 10 or so coats have gone. (still too many coats for one person in my opinion but there we are). The thing I’m most pleased with is the shoes. He has been holding onto several pairs of running shoes from years ago for sentimental reasons and he has now let them go.

I’ve loaded 4 bin bags into the car and tomorrow they will go to the local charity shops. I will share the stuff out between them as I feel guilty taking too much stuff into one shop for them to sort out. Guilt is a hobby of mineā€¦.

Anyway I can’t tell you how much lighter it makes me feel to be able to go to bed without piles of clothes which won’t fit into the wardrobes like leaning towers of Pisa looming over the bed!

Suffolk Reed Beds

Suffolk Reed Beds

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Slowing Down the Decluttering


I have decided to have a short break from disposing of stuff. I need time to take stock and pause for thought. It would be relatively easy to continue to chuck stuff out willy nilly just to meet an arbitrary target which I have set myself.

i don’t see this as failure. I have managed 28 continuous days of getting rid of 1 more thing each day which means I have reduced my clutter by more than 400 things! (See my previous posts for details of what I disposed of where.) I have raised over £100 for charity by selling stuff which was of value. My local charity shops have received numerous donations of items and a few local people have been able to make use of things I no longer need. I can now find the things I need quickly and I feel ‘lighter’ – less weighed down by stuff. I am seriously thinking before acquiring more stuff whether I really need it.


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What can I do with toiletries I’ve started?

I have 100s of bottles of shower gel, body lotion, shampoo etc. Enough to last me for the next 5 years at least. The trouble is, my skin is very sensitive and most irritates me. I am having a massive clear out and I don’t know what to do with it all.

The unopened bottles I can give to a charity shop but quite a few of them have been started.

I intend to offer them to friends and family but have too many to do this with all of them.

Has anyone any ideas? Any UK charities that could use them?

All help greatly appreciated!