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Day 4

The 4 things I’m getting out of my life today are:

  • A mobile phone charger which no longer fits any of the phones in my house but, luckily, fits my grown up daughter’s and she has recently lost hers. Lucky, eh?
  • A bunch of scruffy, manky old pony tail bands which I would not contemplate putting in my daughter’s hair but, nevertheless, I had kept for some unfathomable reason. Landfill.
  • A broken toy which came from McDonalds and I had thought was somehow worth mending!? Landfill.
  • A pair of uncomfortable socks which I had kept in my sock drawer in case they miraculously became softer  and less lumpy overnight. These went into the fabric recycling bin at Waitrose along with the previously recycled clothes.

This is proving quite easy so far although I expect it will get more and more difficult when I have to find more and more things to get rid of. I am trying to think ahead and sort out cupboards. I’ve already started with my unused hygiene products – see my previous post. I don’t quite know what to do with the ones that have been started….

I have put some stuff on eBay, Freegle and a local sell,swap,give site. I will put them on my disposal list once they are sold or given away.

I’ve also thought about another reason for living a minimalist life:

It must be morally wrong for us to have so much stuff we don’t know what to do with it all when there are people in the world who have nothing.

I will donate the money I get from selling my unwanted stuff to a local homeless charity.

My photo today is my untidy home office. Shame on me! The red armchair is one of the things I will be giving away together with it’s identical twin and a 3 seater sofa if anyone in Norfolk, UK would like it? Also the print on the wall above the stove will be on eBay next week. It is a limited edition print no. 65/150 called ‘Market’ by Bentemarie Kjeldbaek. It has been on the wall for years despite the fact that neither my husband nor myself like it much. Certainly we do not find it “beautiful” as advised by William Morris!

Home Office