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Well, my clothes clear-out was so successful I’m now on day 11 already! I’m beginning to feel kind of lighter if that makes sense. My house doesn’t look a whole lot tidier yet but I think the reduction in stuff is making me feel psychologically less overwhelmed.

My 11 things are as follows:

A whole set of Pilates DVDs. Had them for 4 years – looked at them 3 or 4 times, actually followed the exercise program for about 1/2 an hour. Fed up with feeling guilty about good intentions which come to nothing. My lovely grown up daughter has asked to have them so I’ve willingly given them to her!

ANOTHER pair of rubbish, uncomfortable socks. – recycled.

A pair of my trousers which don’t fit properly, kid’s top and jeans – outgrown, a cupcake stand (what’s wrong with a plate?), and a fruit bowl which I don’t like – all to the charity shop.

A broken flower pot, broken tupperware container and 2 chipped cups – landfill.

I have had requests for the things I put on Freegle and have also sold the children’s chairs and bike trailer. They will be going to their new homes in the next couple of days.

My photo today is of my dining room.DINING ROOM


Author: Green Cheap and Cheerful UK

Just sharing ways I am trying to make ends meet and live more frugally. Also the need to live better with less and reduce the impact of my family on our precious natural resources.

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