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DAY 25 – the great garage clear out continues!

All this stuff has been lurking in our garage. I
have recycled what I could but a lot has had to be thrown away:

  1. Lots of offcuts of wood – firewood
  2. Perished bicycle inner tubes
  3. An almost bald broom head
  4. Loads of collapsing cardboard boxes – recycled
  5. A broken torch (bulb retrieved – still working)
  6. Bits and pieces of packaging
  7. A rusty hand drill
  8. Some old electrical fittings
  9. Short bits of plumbing pipe – recycled
  10. Some broken tools
  11. A broken tool box
  12. A broken base ball bat
  13. A broken bicycle pump
  14. A heap of rusty nails/screws
  15. 3 broken strip lights
  16. Some old electric light switches

My clever daughter has gone through all their pens and sorted out all the ones which have run out. – 1 item.

I have been through the hat, scarf and glove cupboard and have put in the recycling some odd gloves, old hats,caps and scarves. – 4 items.

3 things to the charity shop: a curtain pole, some bath taps and a candle dish.

A grown out of school fleece given to school to sell in the next secondhand uniform sale.

Grand total of 25 things GONE! (And a fairly tidy garage – still more to do though – yawn.)

My photo is another beautiful landscape in Dominica, this time the view which awaited us when we woke up on our first morning in our studio at Liberty Jungle in Belles – stunning.


Liberty Jungle Dominica