DAYS 23 AND 24

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This post is going to be a long list – sorry!

Day 23 I got rid of:

  1. Some coat hangers – given to friend.
  2. Some plastic wine glasses – charity shop
  3. Some more greetings cards – charity shop
  4. A suncatcher – charity shop
  5. A picture frame – charity shop
  6. Some gift bags – charity shop
  7. A DS Game – charity shop
  8. A set of masks to make – charity shop
  9. A curtain track – charity shop
  10. A couple of sew on patches/motifs – charity shop
  11. Some more cotahangers – charity shop
  12. A Nike waterproof never worn – charity shop
  13. 2 glasses which have been stuck together for months – recycled
  14. half a solid bag of cement – landfill
  15. A load of run out pens – landfill
  16. Some broken golf tees – landfill
  17. General usesless bits and bobs from drawer clear out – landfill
  18. A broken tape measure
  19. Some odd greetings cards without envelopes – recycled
  20. some wallpaper offcuts – recycled
  21. Some pictures/craft projects done by my kids (I know, I know… but they do so many and if I kept them all I’d fill my entire house with them. Anyway they are not their stuff!) – landfill
  22. A mess of tangled thread – burnt
  23. Half a dozen squirty bottles of children’s paint – used up by splashing/spreading over the walls of the potting shed. It does look nice and colourful now!

Day 24 – The big garage sort out begins.

This is all rubbish – I’ve recycled where I can, burned things which will not cause too much pollution and put the rest in the dustbin.

  1. Dried up glue
  2. Bits of Cable
  3. Flooring underlay with mouse nibblings
  4. A broken foot pump
  5. A broken decorators spatula/knife/spreader
  6. A mouse nibbled shower curtain
  7. A frayed and mouse nibbled rug
  8. Some broken hose fittings
  9. A broken tennis racquet
  10. Some mouse nibbled sponges
  11. An empty cable reel
  12. Several bits of strummer line too short to do anything with
  13. A broken chicken feeder
  14. A rusty filler gun
  15. Some plastic spoons so brittle that they snapped very easily
  16. Some plastic bowls
  17. Several hard paint brushes
  18. An almost empty tin of ancient paint stripper
  19. Some mouse nibbled polythene dust sheets
  20. A cracked cricket ball
  21. A mouse nibbled plastic table cloth
  22. Some solid filler
  23. A pair of crumbly rubber gloves
  24. A broken garden bird feeder

Mouse nibbling seems to be a recurring theme here. Note to self: I must make sure my bee frames and other equipment are in a vermin proof cupboard/trunk. I imagine beeswax is a bit of a delicacy for mice.


Completely randomly I have decided to put a photo of Batibou beach in dominica on today…enjoy!



Author: Green Cheap and Cheerful UK

Just sharing ways I am trying to make ends meet and live more frugally. Also the need to live better with less and reduce the impact of my family on our precious natural resources.

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